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Home Run Hangouts in Fenway: Yankees vs Red Sox Series

Red Sox Will Call

Are you coming to Boston to watch the Boston Red Sox play the New York Yankees? Now that you have your tickets, there are only a few things left to plan, such as which Fenway Bar will be your pre or post-game destination. At Bill’s Bar, we are an iconic dive bar and a Fenway favorite! Many visitors and locals start or end their night a Bill’s Bar on game day for our signature cocktails, outstanding food menu, and extraordinary service to keep your day running on schedule. Celebrate a victory at Bill’s Bar during the Red Sox-Yankees series this season!

Coming to Watch the Red Sox Vs. Yankees Series?

If you are coming to Boston to watch the Red Sox-Yankees series, you may wonder which Fenway Bars are the best for pre and post-game celebrations! Luckily for you, Lansdowne Street is the place to be, as it is just behind Fenway Park and lined with options. Bill’s Bar is a Fenway favorite regardless of the season, but it is a must-see destination before or after you attend a Red Sox game. 

After a Red Sox game, expect a packed street with lines already formed outside every bar. If it’s not a close game, leave the game early and find yourself a seat at Bill’s Bar to watch it play out on one of our big screens. You can also order a great brew and appetizers to refuel for the excitement after the game!

The Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry

As one of the best rivalries in sports history, the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees are one argument sports fans love to have. Since their first meeting in 1901, these two clubs have played nearly 2,100 games against each other, and the Yankees have won over 1,100 of them. However, over the last 10 years, the two teams have been actively trying to play each other out. In the regular season, New York's record against Boston sits at an impressive 1,242-1,037-14, but the two teams are tied, 12-12, in the postseason. Don’t miss watching the Red Sox-Yankees series in Fenway at Bill’s Bar this season!

Unwind at the Bill's Bar After the Game!

Beat the rush and make a reservation at Bill’s Bar for your post-Red Sox game crew to take a seat and refresh for the night ahead of you! With live music and entertainment, Bill’s Bar has everything you need to have a successful night of celebrations. For more information about Bill’s Bar, visit our location on Lansdowne Street or call (617) 247-1222!